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Our Story

M0niker was incepted at my graduate year of studying fashion design and sustainability, growing up I had always been invested in the digital world, countless video games, watching anime with my family a love for sci-fi.
This is always a big inspiration to me when designing and creating. I want my items to be able to fit into digital worlds, and in the future be used in this medium.


Sculpture with Face Mask


We have an obligation do run our business the correct way by our planet and its people, by having our supply chain circular is the best way to ensure we take ownership of our products and its waste, we have systems in place to catch our garments and reuse them in our business before they reach landfill.

We also use natural material for all our products so they can biodegrade after their life.

The fashion industry is outdated, and it is up to us to change it.


Our goal is to be somewhere you come back to out of love for not only our products but a love for what we stand for, the community we have created, and the art we all enjoy.

We will create items for games, and have more products connecting to the ever growing meta-verse.

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