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Wool Wrap pant

Fane Pant

SKU: 364215375135191
Color: Black
  • -Made from italian wool, which is incredibly soft and flowy, this unique pant fits any sizes between at 26 waist to a 34 waist due to its design, simply put, the right side of pant has a lot of extra width, you button up the waist with one of four button holes for different sizes, and drape the rest of the pant across your body, wrap the tie through the waist and tie it off. The pant can either be draped to the front or the back which changes the look of the pant with every wear. 

    -This item was made by Indi in his studio, using all cotton thread for main sewing, and synthetic thread for binding the edges of each pattern, extending the life of the item. 

    -Model wears a size 1

    -This item features two of the signature embroidery tabs

    -This item is dry clean only.